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ABout Amera


Contrary to the popular notion that Electronic Artists just "Press Play", based out of heart of Los Angeles,  AMERA is a true live performance band which takes you a sonic journey with epic soundscapes and ground-shattering drop that engage the audience for both head-banging and dance-floor experiences. 

Already performing hundreds of shows worldwide, Brooke Adams (Vocals), Mikael Oganes (Synths/Keys) and Donovan Butez (Guitar) have formed a trio which is ready to unveil their sound and sonic force with the power of a tidal wave. 

Crafted with organic smash of live performance AMERA is a modern fruit of musical adventure.

Photos by Sasha Vardanyan and Daniela Rotar.   Copyright is reserved. 


   Vocals/  Brooke Adams
    Guitar / Donovan Ananda
Keyboard / Mikael Oganes